Newlite Electronic Ballast Adjustable with Potentiometer 2.0

New Newlite Electronic Ballast Adjustable with Potentiometer 2.0
  • Electronic ballast 600W for High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps, is used as a component in greenhouse lighting systems as well as small and medium-sized indoor growing areas, where the lamp and reflector are installed separately.
  • Ballast output connector C13, to connect with a standard C14 cable to a reflector.
  • Protection against worn out over time lamp, short circuit, open circuit (lamp not installed), failure to start (lamp in poor condition) and thermal protection.
  • Allows 15 metres distance between the equipment and the lamp, with the appropriate wiring.

Welcome to the new era of progress. Thanks to cutting edge technology, we can now try the NEWLITE Electronic Ballast.

The NEWLITE Digital Electronic Ballast is all advantages.

* The Digital Electronic Ballast is distinguised by its high efficiency and energy saving.

* Instant on and re-start.

* Flicker free tubes when it is about to run out.

* Reduces eyestrain.

* Does not cause stroboscopic effect.

* Higher performance.

* It is lighter, facilitating its installation.

* Decrease in losses. Increasing the efficiency of the tube.

* It allows up to 30% energy saving.

* Reduces heating

* Noiseless

Advantages of the NEWLITE Electronic Ballast over electromagnetic ballasts:

- Reduced weight.

- Special dimensions. They can be adapted to the design of the luminaires.

- Flicker free lamp electrodes.

- High power factor (around 0.99).

- Ease of installation (it only has one device).

- Possibility of varying the luminous flux of the lamp (adjustable ballasts).

- Power regulator: 50% -75% -100%.

- Compatible with Metal Halide (MH, not CMH) and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps.

- Short and protected circuit in case electric current fluctuation.


- Voltage range: 220/240 V.

- Power source frequency: 47-63 Hz.

- Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): lower than 10%.

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