Simbosoil PLUS (1KG)

New Simbosoil PLUS (1KG)

SimbioSoil Plus is an organic soil improver of high quality, 100% vegetable and suitable for organic, regenerative or conservation agriculture.

The product is obtained through an exclusive biological transformation and stabilization process, which is carried out under controlled conditions, using virgin olive alperujo as raw material.
Our exclusive system of composting, allows the natural degradation of the oleic components and of the vegetal waters that are included in the alperujo, providing a product 100% natural, rich of organic substance, with classification "A" within the normative on the content of heavy metals and absences of pathogens.
It does not contain animal waste, is free of urban solid waste, antibiotics and synthetic compounds.

Advantages and actions

SimbioSoil Plus is a precious source of organic substance and provides a high degree of humification, regenerating and preserving the fertility of the substrate.
In the new substrates: it acts as a microbial activator, since these pass through a hygienization phase before going on the market, which makes them lose a large part of the microbiota.
In used substrates: it regenerates the microbial life lost by the leachates of the last phase of cultivation. It also restores humic and fulvic acids, creating an ideal medium for the evolution of the new crop.
SimbioSoil Plus contributes to a lower sensitivity of the plant towards stress and an improvement of its state of health, consequently it favors the synthesis and transfer of nutritious substances, improving the absorption of nutrients and allowing a greater initial vigor.

After adding or mixing SimbioSoil Plus, the substrate is rapidly colonized by the microbial consortium:

The bacteria of the rhizosphere, colonize the root system of plants, occupying optimal trophic spaces for multiplication.
Lignocellulolytic microorganisms, after colonizing the organic plant matrix, work in association degrading the complex substrate to simpler molecules, synthesizing at the same time, together with the non-lignocellulolytic bacteria, biostimulating substances for the growth and vigor of the plants.

The microbial consortium works in degradative activity (degradation of phyto-toxic phenolic substances) and biosynthetic (synthesis of humic acids) with the various species that work in parallel and succession. The application of SimbioSoil Plus reactivates the biodiversity in the substrate and stimulates the growth of the plants.

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