Electronic All You Need 8 Plant Complete Grow Kit

Due Back In Stock Within 3 Weeks Electronic All You Need 8 Plant Complete Grow Kit

This kit comes with everything you will need to grow 8 plants.

Although there are cheaper options available we think this is the best long term option for a new grower. We can do the same kit with cheaper lights, cheaper fans & cheaper tents but in our opinion you don’t want to. All the products in this list are used and tested by us and signed off as being ‘Reliable’. Actually not quite, the small fan’s ( RAM 150mm Clip On Fan ) are proving a little unreliable so we are looking for a better unit at the moment. They work fine, just not long enough.

We have taken an 'Idiot Proof' approach to this kit so it is ideal for new growers.

It comes with the industry leading Autopot system with the new Smart Pots and #1 market leader Canna nutrients.

The table below outlines all the products in the kit.

Grow area

1 x LightHouse LITE 2.4m Tent - 1.2m x 2.4m x 2m https://www.reliablehydroponics.ie/lighthouse-1.2x2.4-tent
2x SmartPot 4 System https://www.reliablehydroponics.ie/index.php?route=product/search&search=APSMART
2 x VitaLink Clay Pebbles 10L Bag https://www.reliablehydroponics.ie/vitalink-clay-pebbles-10l-bag
2 x Gold Label Special Light Mix https://www.reliablehydroponics.ie/special-mix-light
1 x Active Eye Illuminated Magnifier Loupe (30x) https://www.reliablehydroponics.ie/active-eye-illuminated-magnifier-loupe-30x


2 x 600w HPS Budget Digital Grow Light Kit https://www.reliablehydroponics.ie/600w-hps-budget-digital-grow_light-kit
1 x 250W Powerplant Metal Halide Retro Fit Lamp https://www.reliablehydroponics.ie/250w-powerplant-metal-halide-veg-lamp-bulb
2 x PowerPlant Heavy Duty Timer with UK Plug https://www.reliablehydroponics.ie/powerplant-heavy-duty-timer-with-uk-plug

Climate Control

1 x RVK Sileo 150E2-L Fan - 720m³/hr https://www.reliablehydroponics.ie/rvk-sileo-extraction-fan-150e2-l-720m³-hr
1 x RAM Filter - 150/600 (6") 700m³/hr - 150mm Neck, 600mm Body https://www.reliablehydroponics.ie/carbon-air-filter-700mhr
1 x RAM Combi-Duct Lightproof Ducting - 152mm x 10m https://www.reliablehydroponics.ie/ram-combi-duct-lightproof-ducting-152mm
2 x 60-215 Quick Release Clamp (8") https://www.reliablehydroponics.ie/quick-release-clamp-200mm
1 x Jack Chain 2mm Single x 10m Box https://www.reliablehydroponics.ie/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1508536
1 x RAM 150mm Clip On Fan (6") - 15W https://www.reliablehydroponics.ie/ram-150mm-clip-on-fan-6-inch-15w
1 x Essentials Digital Min-Max Thermo Hygrometer https://www.reliablehydroponics.ie/essentials-digital-min-max-thermo-hygrometer


1 x ROOT!T VALUE Rooting Sponge Propagation Kit - Box of 4 https://www.reliablehydroponics.ie/root-t-value-natural-rooting-sponge-propagation-kit
2x Square Saucer 25cm² - Black https://www.reliablehydroponics.ie/square-black-saucer-25cm
4x Square Pot 10cm - 0.7L - 11cm depth https://www.reliablehydroponics.ie/square-pot-10cm
1 x Gardenline 2Lt Adjustable Sprayer https://www.reliablehydroponics.ie/gardenline-sprayer


2 x CANNA Terra Vega 1L https://www.reliablehydroponics.ie/canna-terra-vega-1l
2 x CANNA Terra Flores 1L https://www.reliablehydroponics.ie/canna-terra-flores-1l
1 x CANNA PK 13/14 1L https://www.reliablehydroponics.ie/canna-pk-13-14-1l

Nutrient Control

1 x 100ml Graduated Jug - 5ml increments https://www.reliablehydroponics.ie/100ml-graduated-jug-5ml-increments
1 x 50ml Plastic Syringe https://www.reliablehydroponics.ie/50ml-plastic-syringe
1 x 3ml Plastic Pipette - 0.5ml increments https://www.reliablehydroponics.ie/3ml-plastic-pipette-0-5ml-increments-html
1 x VitaLink pH Down 81% 250ml - ESSENTIALS - 81% Phosphoric Acid https://www.reliablehydroponics.ie/essentials-ph-down-250ml
1 x VitaLink pH Up 50% 250ml - ESSENTIALS - 50% Potassium Hydroxide https://www.reliablehydroponics.ie/essentials-ph-up-250ml
1 x VitaLink pH Narrow Spectrum Test Kit - EN/FR - ESSENTIALS https://www.reliablehydroponics.ie/ph-narrow-spectrum-test-kit


If you wish to purchase a slightly different kit then make the purchase but DONT PAY – CHOOSE PAY IN STORE and then we will call you (or email if you like) to talk through your exact needs and give you a solid price.






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