Worm Humus by Biobizz - 40 Liters - Delivery Inc

Worm Humus by Biobizz - 40 Liters - Delivery Inc

This product weighs 25kg so each bag needs a delivery fee which is included in the price.

Worm Humus is a nutritional supplement to add to your soil.

Advantages of Worm Humus :

Organic Compost - Composed of 100% pure and organic groundworm waste
Gorged with water-soluble nutrients and bacteria
Excellent way to improve overall soil quality
Composition: The earthworms that make up the Worm Humus substrate are 100% organic and follow a closely monitored and highly nutritious diet composed of rock minerals and organic potato peels.

Application: Worm • Humus ™ is ideal for revitalizing All-Mix®, to complement already used substrate mixtures or to prepare a garden's basement.

Watering possible: Normal watering

Dosage: It is recommended to aim at the following ideal proportions: 10% to 15% of Worm • Humus ™ for 85% to 90% of All • Mix.


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