Calcium and Magnesium

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Just like humans plants have macro nutrients that they must have to survive. Two key macro’s are calcium and magnesium.


Calcium and magnesium are two metals that are important for both plant and human. In a human about 2% of your body by weight is calcium, it’s no suprise that this metal is an important part of bones and teeth. In a plant calcium is key in creating the links between cells giving your plant a healthy and strong structure. With stronger cells your plants become much more resistant to pests and other issues like temperature fluctuations that may otherwise cause a poor harvest.



If your plant looks like it is suffering from any deficiency is may be that it just needs calcium. Calcium is a nutrient that allows the uptake of most of the other nutrients, without it the plant won’t be able to feed properly.



Magnesium is critical for both humans and plants. Take magnesium out of the diet of both and they will become very sick and die. In plants magnesium plays a vital rle in photosynthesis and without it the plant simply won’t convert the suns energy in the way needed. The chlorophyll particle incorporates a heme in its structure, with a magnesium particle electrically bound in its middle. In humans red platelets likewise contain a heme (hemoglobin), yet it uses iron rather than magnesium. It's really the iron in hemoglobin that makes blood red, while magnesium makes chlorophyll green! Magnesium is so key to photosynthesis that if there is a magnesium shortage, plants will steal magnesium particles from the chlorophyll in the lower leaves, and take it to the upper leaves. That is the reason magnesium issues appears as interveinal chlorosis in the lower leaves first. The veins remain green, yet the leaf becomes yellow from the absence of magnesium.


Magnesium Deficiency


How do you get more calcium and magnesium?

Calmag! we use this with every grow just to make sure. Calcium and magnesium are great together and Calmag is the only way you should add these critical macro nutrients to your grow. Take a look at the manufacturers site .




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