Top 5 Grow Room Noob Mistakes

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You may have seen our fisghing story, I repeat it often.


You have a night out with your friends and you decide you want to start fishing. They have a great time fishing and it also makes them feel healthier and is a great hobby, so you decide to jump in and give it a go yourself.
You call in at the local shop and buy lots of equiment to give you the best chance. It costs a bit but then think of all the great days out, will be a fine investment. You also decided to start your fishing adventure by catching Pike. You want to be the best fisher with the biggest most potent catch. You read on the internet for the best places to fish for pike and you head off.
You catch nothing that day. Still, next week you head off to the same spot and try again, in a boat you hired this time. Still you catch nothing. While on the boat you see a teenager catching a pike with a strange float thing so you order one on the internet and run out with it. Still nothing caught.
Six months later you flog the kit in a car boot. You hate fishing.


We see a few people fail with their first grow and the first point is – it’s fine, learn from it and do another grow. Anyway, our top 5 noob mistakes and how to avoid them.


Noob fail #1 – over watering


Yes, plants need water but they also need air (specifically oxygen). Overwatering will stop the roots from working, possibly cause root rot & will kill the plant. Root rot can be spotted by the smell and the fact that your plant is dead. Although you can recover from root rot most of the time I personally would use the bin and start again.


How  to not over water

  1. Water from the bottom, not the top. Best solution is to use a flood and drain system like the Autopots. This ensures the right amount of water per plant and dry periods where the roots have to fight for water making the plant much healthier and bigger. Second best would be a pot in a saucer and you put the water in the saucer, never filling the saucer unless it is completely dry. Stressing the plant a little with dry periods is far far better than over watering.
  2. Make sure the medium (soil) is not too heavy. A heavy soil will act like a sponge and soak up and hold any water added. A light soil will hold some moisture but allow good drainage. Use Perlite or Clay Pebbles to lighten up any heavy soils.


Noob fail #2 – over feeding

sometimes linked to #1 but again a very common issue. Sure, we get it, you want a massive plant with massive yield and to do that you have to give it loads of nutrients right? Wrong!

What happens to a child if you over feed them? Do they grow to be stronger healthier plants? 

There are lots of nutrients, additives and boosters you can add to your grow but you will likely cause a salt lock, where the feed concentration in the solution is too high to allow the roots to take it on. Very real and very common. 


How  to not over feed

  1. In your first grows buy a base feed and that and that only. Don’t try to grow a monster, just try to have a successful grow. Canna Terra Vega and Terra Flores will do just fine for the first grow.
  2. Follow the instructions on the bottle carefully using proper measuring equipment. Do not put a stronger feed because you feel like it. Have a successful grow before you try for a monster grow.

Noob fail #3 – under feeding

It’s amazing how many people think that plants eat soil.


Anyway, #3 happens a lot. Truth is that you have to watch a plant to see when it needs feeding. You can tell when startvation starts to set in and no matter what soil you started with, at some point you will have to feed the plant. Lower peaves start to turn yellow as the new leaves on the top take their nutrient.

How  to not under feed

  1. See point #2.
  2. If you are growing in Grandma’s Super Chicken Funk Organic Cow Poo you will still run out of nutrient. Watch for lower leaves yellowing and respond with feed.

Noob fail #4 – not controlling humidy

‘I just lost the whole crop because it all went mouldy’. Humidity can kill everything in the grow tent very quickly. A change in the weather can lead to binning the whole thing so do not wait for the failure on this one,  there may be no time to fix things before mould crashes the tent.


How to control the humidity

  1. Get the right fan for the grow area, don’t skimp. Get the damn right fan. Seriously. It’s easy to work out. Grow room volume (w x d x h) x 45 at a minimum. x60 is best. Example, a 1m x 2m x2m room needs 4 x 45 = 180 cubic metres per hour fan. Better would be 240 cubic metres.
  2. Use small fans inside the grow area to make sure the sir is moving around and there are no damp spots.
  3. Use a hygrometer to make sure you know what the humidity is. Heathy is <50%, I like around 45% personally but depends on what you are growing so read up and do a little research.

Noob fail #5 – too much tinkering

This one is a little harsh because timkering can be so much fun but the person who changes everything they are doing each week will fail. Plants will adapt, change and survive, to a certain degree. Plants that are left alone do far better than someone who thinks they know what they are doing but they don’t.

Like Bart said to Homer, I found your half assed parenting much better than your full asssed parenting.

so, get things right, have a plan and then stick to it unless there is a reason not to. You have to respond to the plan, the plant does not have to respond to you.


Anyway, best of luck, noobs. Feel free to call on 0894460159 if you need any help.







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