Hailea HX-8890 8000L/hr In/Out Pump

Due Back In Stock Within 3 Weeks Hailea HX-8890 8000L/hr In/Out Pump

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Hailea In/Out Water Pump

The Hailea HX range consists of high-quality, high output water pumps designed to move large quantities of liquid effectively and reliably. 

  • Corrosion-resistant ABS plastic casing
  • Mounted suction cups for easy positioning
  • High-quality resin helps to form a sealed unit
  • Reliable - engineered for continuous use
  • Large sized, quality filter screen

How the Hailea Submersible Water Pump Works:

This is a fully submersible pump with a large filter screen on this unit prevents impurities from passing through the pump and on into piping systems, lowering the chances of blockages and improving levels of efficiency when used with hydroponic systems. Blockages and equipment failures can lead to root-systems drying out – when this happens there is only a small timeframe to correct issues before plants start to suffer irreversible damage. Using a pump with the quality of these helps to ensure that the chances of this are greatly reduced.

Using the Hailea Submersible Water Pump:

This is perfect for use in hydroponic systems that require the movement of nutrients to-and-from container areas, such as flood and drain, NFT, run to waste-systems, dripper systems, etc. To use this pump, screw one of the outlet attachments into the top of the unit and connect your pipe. Place the unit in your desired position and secure it in place using the suction pads on the underside. Always keep the 3-pin plug well away from any liquids! This is a very powerful unit so always ensure that any water-flow is directed well away from electricity supplies before plugging the unit in and turning on at the mains.

  HX8810 HX8830 HX8890
Flow (L/H) 1000 3000 9000
Max Jet (M) 1.6 2.4 5.8
Power (W) 17 50 240
Voltage (V) 110/220 110/220 110/220
Frequency (Hz) 50/60 50/60 50/60
Outlet Dia 12.5mm 15mm 32mm
Weight (kg) 1.6 2.4 3.4
Size (mm) 136x83x88 211x102x145 305x162x183

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