Advanced Hydroponics Bloom 5L

Due Back In Within 3 Weeks. Advanced Hydroponics Bloom 5L

Dutch Formula BLOOM by Advanced Hydroponics creates the ultimate conditions for crop production during the blooming stage.

The recommended combination of Dutch Formula 1, 2 and 3 ( Micro, Grow and Bloom) is the best guarantee for high quality results and strong, healthy plants with big and healty flowers in the bloomimg stage

By mixing the mineral components of Dutch Formula with water, you will get a rich and balanced nutrition for your plants. The Dutch Formula is suitable for all kinds of growing media. Fertilization has never been easier than with the basic Dutch Formula line.

The unique formula allow for easy use by beginner growers and flexible dosing for the more experienced. Thanks to high concentrations of Dutch Formula fertilizers, you are also saving your money.

Create the Ultimate Conditions!

  • 1 GROW  A component with the highest proportion of nitrogen, necessary for fast and strong growth of the plants.
  • 2 BLOOM High proportion of phosphorus guarantees rapid development of the flowers.
  • 3 MICRO Contains all the other elements required for the healthy development of the plants, all in perfect proportion.

GROW, BLOOM and MICRO work best when used together during the all cycle of the plant, what changes is the quantity of each product during the differet stages.

The application of BLOOM should be implemented when plants enter the flowering phase. 

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