Air Pot - 3 Liter

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The revolutionary design of the Air-Pot container actively enhances the growth and health of plants through root pruning and increased water turnover.

The Air Pot is a clever growing system for plants in containers
These revolutionary pots will enhance the quality of plant's root system

  • The perforated wall structure prevents plant roots from spiraling, a common issue with standard pots
  • Outward pointing cones 'lead' plant roots out of pot
  • Here the roots become dehydrated and are 'Air-Pruned'
  • The root tips die off
  • This leads to the development of new, fine roots further back along each main root
  • The result is a dense fibrous root system
  • The porous walls also increase air-flow in the pots
  • This ensures better soil health
  • It leads to increased microbial activity & more healthy bacteria in the soil
  • More air flow also improves soil drainage
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