SHOGUN Zenzym 250ML

SHOGUN Zenzym 250ML


Suitable for all types of growing media and is suited for growers that use active hydroponics or fertigation systems. Use in conjunction with your regular nutrients. This is a bio-stimulant and is not a complete feed.
Root Feed – Add at a rate of 2.5ml/L to your watering can or reservoir and start applying as soon as you have planted out and throughout until harvest.

SHOGUN Zenzym is a unique blend of enzymes that keeps your root zone thriving. By rapidly breaking down microscopic dead root mass, SHOGUN Zenzym keeps your rootzone clean and releases locked up nutrients from dead matter back to the plant. This stimulates further root growth and enhances nutrient uptake dramatically, leading to an overall increase in plant performance and yield. Designed to be used throughout both the vegetative and flowering stages

Key Features
Media recycling powerhouse with a superior mixture of enzymes
Reinvigorates worn out media with swift breakdown of dead root matter
Enhances nutrient absorption
Stimulates extra root growth

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